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Book reviews began during the global agribusiness experience. I read one for each country I visited, as well as books related to agribusiness and international development, and will continue providing updates here.

Currently sourcing international development, agribusiness, and social entrepreneurship books. If you have any recommendations, please share!


International Development and Agriculture/Food Issues

For an overview of a multitude of hunger and agriculture issues, as well as a brief "why things are this way" country-by-country history lesson, start here. This is the first book I read related to agriculture and it helped me think through both how to approach my farm time and how to shift my thinking more towards solutions for the value chain.

This book is ideal for anyone interested in international development and agriculture. Yes, I'm a big fan! The theme of this book is creating a win-win through empowering local communities and entrepreneurs to design solutions that move people out of poverty. Polak lists methods for every type of organization to move towards sustainability for the communities they serve.

Country-specific Books

While living in South Korea I read this one. It paints a picture that you can only imagine of things that are very well still happening today. A very good read for anyone who wants to understand the landscape of a country we know so little yet hear so much about. It's also good for getting glimpses of Korean culture and sympathizing with how different the two have become.
Great start for relating to the "whistle while you work" way of the Indonesian people. The novel follows the struggles of a young boy's class to keep their school alive in the old tin mining town of Belitung in south Sumatra, Indonesia. Since the farm I stayed on was Agama Hindu Dharma this book helps with the other side of the equation for the worlds largest Muslim population. It also gives great background on how history played out for parts of the Indonesian population.

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My starting point for sourcing the country-specific books comes complements of
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