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It all starts with food. Whether it’s bringing families and communities together, providing a livelihood for most of our world, or understanding the impact we have on our environment – food plays an integral role as fuel for humanity. Food is powerful. The right mix of nutrients changes the way we think, the way we live, and the way we interact with our world’s challenges and opportunities.

It’s not surprising then that we plan much of our lives around what we eat.  We obsess over the latest restaurants. We experiment with new cuisines.  We even categorize groups of people by their choices. Not a day goes by without food playing a constant, irreplaceable role.  Yet, when we think of food, we rarely think beyond what’s on our plates.  Where did it come from?  How did it get there?  Is it nutritious and safely produced? Who are the people behind its journey?  These are the questions I started asking myself as I began deciphering the hundreds of opinions available on what we should eat.

Being a consultant focused on food service for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency only furthered my resolve for answers. My need to learn by doing and see for myself took me to South Korea and then throughout Asia and Oceania. During this experience I taught, participated in entrepreneurial pursuits, and worked with small-scale farmers who struggled daily to keep their businesses, and the communities tied to them, thriving.  After success in bringing some of their ideas to fruition, it clicked. It doesn’t have to be business or the environment. All people really can have access to delicious, nutritious food.  And there’s no reason small, community-supported businesses can’t thrive.

Through continued improvements in the harvest-to-market process, and innovative technologies, it’s possible to create a ripple effect throughout the food chain. My mission is to be a part of that.


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